How to choose your wedding dream cake?

Ok, so you said YES and probably are at the stage of planning your dream wedding day. You probably even have a few ideas in mind on the venue , dress design and even what kind of cake you want.
But then you decide to look for some more inspiration and start scrolling through instagram feed of wedding cake ideas and go on Pinterest to create your moodboard. One hour later you are still there completely lost and changed your mind 100 times on what you really want as there are so many cakes you like.
Please don’t worry, it happens to most of the couples. So, which one to choose?


The best advice I give to my couples when choosing the design of the wedding cake is just be yourself. Choose what resonates with you.

Would you like a traditional wedding? Intricate details in piping and lots of cascading flowers? Then go for it! Timeless classic is always a winner.

Are you a vintage style lover? Frills all the way?

Image credit sweetlionheart

Or, maybe you are the couple who wants to go for something different, love all the new trends and look for something unique, modern and sophisticated?


So, whatever you choose, try not to copy other couples, get the cake that will stand out for you, the cake that will tell your story.
There are so many ways to incorporate your special moments into your wedding cakes. The design of your cake can be inspired literally by anything. The colour of the dress when you first met, the first bouquet of the flowers, the eucalyptus tree under which you were standing having your first kiss. It can even be inspired by the wedding venue whether it’s a rustic barn or a modern urban hotel.
Talk to your wedding cake designer and a good one will be able to help you with bringing your ideas to life.

Flowers, textures or both?

There are no rules when it comes to designing your cake. Thinking about minimalist design with some added texture but not sure how to put it all together? There are so many ways to add texture on the cake. Chocolate, wafer paper, isomalt, palette knife painting, brush strokes, buttercream flowers are only some of them. They are usually used to achieve a very modern look where cake is no longer a cake but is a piece of art. You like the textures but want a softer design? There is no better way to do it as to incorporate fresh, dried or classic sugar flowers. They will add a romantic feel to any design.

Photo credit by barbaramarkiewiczphotography

Shapes trends

The days when you had to choose only large round wedding cakes are gone. Square cakes, arch cakes or even triangle shapes all possible when you want to achieve a modern look.
Deconstructed cakes also allow a wide range of different design options where the tiers of the cake stand next to each other making the accomplished design composition.

Arch cake Image credit Copper for cakes 

Deconstructed cakes

Image credit Instagram thegingerbearbakery

This is your big day so no matter which design you choose make sure this is the cake you will remember.

For more inspiration check my gallery.